What I Offer…

The Digital Commando Academy is the Worlds most advanced Zero to Hero Facebook and Instagram Advertising Training for Veterans, Freelancers, Small Businesses and Agency Owners.

Created by Award Winning Digital Marketing Consultant Stefan Wesley, we bring practical experience alongside proven strategies and techniques that deliver real results FAST!

The Digital Commando Academy offers subscribers the opportunity to learn Facebook and Instagram Advertising regardless of their current level of expertise. We take subscribers through a 3 tier learning platform allowing them to qualify and become certified level 1, 2 and 3 “Advertisers”.

Why I’m good at what I do…

Stefan Wesley’s story is very different to most tech startup CEO’s. Stefan started his working career after leaving school at 16 years old to join the British Army as a Radio Operator in the Royal Signals Corps. Stefan continued with his military service for 8-years and travelled the world working in Anti-Terrorism and Bomb Disposal receiving 2 medals including the Operation TELIC medal for his service in Iraq.

Upon leaving the British Armed Forces Stefan moved to Dubai to start his events and marketing business Sigma Events. These events took Dubai like a storm and quickly Stefan quickly attracted the attention of much larger events companies that approached Stefan to marketing their own events. Sigma rapidly changed into a full-fledged marketing agency.

After his success in the UAE Stefan wanted to bring his experience home so he sold the business and took a position as Digital Marketing Manager for a Web Design and Digital Marketing Agency in Oxfordshire, after 6 months Stefan identified a number of areas for improvement within the business but the directors would not implement these changes, this prompted Stefan to go out on his own and create Sigma Digital.

Things I like…

In my spare time I love to take part in activities such as Paintballing, Snowboarding and Windsurfing. I also love to travel, so don't be surprised if when you call I'm out of the country.

My phone and laptop are my office and in marketing I feel it's important to keep the mind active with creativity through new experiences.

Member Testimonials

  • Stefan presented his 4sight at the Nottingham meeting and it was relaxed, enjoyable and useful. Stefan is clearly passionate about what he does and what he wants to achieve. If Stefan is giving a 4sight at a meeting near you I would recommend attending and enjoying his presentation.
  • Stefan came to do the talk at our Milton Keynes Lunch meeting - it was a fascinating talk and really helped the members connect well with Stefan. If you are a member and not booked your talk yet just do it - what's the worst that could happen ?
  • Stephan's foresight turned out to be one of the best I have heard. Contained some really nice stories and gave us an opportunity to get to know Stefan as a person and someone to do business with. I have arranged a business meeting meeting on the back of this foresight.

What I do

  • Digital Marketing
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Website Design
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • PPC (Google Ads)

My Stats

Last online 27th Feb 2020
Member since 26th Feb 2019
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Meetings attended 24
4N ranking 186 in the UK

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