What I Offer…

We offer people the option of earning a 2nd Income, for people to earn better, live better, & eventually, Sack the Boss! This can be done Part Time, Full Time, or just from time to time... Its like your own Mini Franchise, with no Financial risk, or stock to buy!

Traditional "jobs" tend to be a life of being overworked, and underpaid....So get your questions answered and JOIN US!! Work Less & Earn More!

We have a dedicated page explaining why others got involved, so if its an extra £200 per month you need, or an extra £2000, we have a simple, workable and exciting solution for you.

Please visit www.sacktheboss.co.uk

Why I’m good at what I do…

I started the SackTheBoss team, while working 60hrs a week in an £80k Job, so i know from personal experience, the pitfalls of being stuck in a Job, and NOT being in control.

The Company that the SackTheBoss team partners with, is also recognised by the UK's Largest consumer organisation Which? Magazine.

Things I like…

I like people who speak open and honest

What I do

  • I help people make serious extra cash,

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