What I Offer…

Could this be you?

You have enough clothes to fill a shop, but struggle most mornings to find outfits that you feel confident look good on you.

You have clothes in your wardrobe you’ve never worn, and feel more and more confused about what your ‘look’ is

You find shopping hard and exhausting, and seem to have lost your way a bit when it comes to colours and styles that work for you

And yet …

All you want is to feel confident about your style, so that getting dressed is easy and you can feel good every day. Right?

Well ...

Imagine feeling fabulous and totally ready to do your thing, because choosing the right outfit for every occasion is simple and enjoyable

Imagine walking into any room, event or meeting feeling super confident about the way you look - knowing you’ve nailed your 'personal brand'!

How would that feel?

No more hiding in the background, feeling self-conscious and playing small.

If getting visible is key to growing your business, it’s time to nail this.

No more thinking you’ve got to lose weight or change shape to feel good about yourself.

You deserve to (and can!) look and feel great NOW, just as you are.

Whether dressing for business, casual or something in between, let me show you how to find the colours and styles that will help you feel amazing - every time...


The works! We'll work together to pull out your personal brand values and how you can translate this into what you wear and how you present yourself. We'll look at the colours, shapes and styles that suit you and your personality, and do a wardrobe review to see what you already have that works well, and declutter the things that aren't as great. We'll then go shopping together to fill in any 'gaps' in your wardrobe. In between the sessions, we'll have coaching calls so you can reflect on what we've covered, get your questions answered, and keep up the inspiration.

I offer bespoke and tailored talks, workshops and one-to-one coaching for all types of businesses. Topics can include - image impact, body language and presence, personal branding, wearing your uniform with pride, and many more!

Come and see more for a one-to-one and get your style sorted and confidence soaring! Everything from a colour analysis, make-up lesson, style session, or seasonal style update, through to a wardrobe review and personal shopping experience - I'm happy to chat to see which service or package is best for you.

Why I’m good at what I do…

Because I love it! I am passionate about helping people find their confidence and present themselves in a way that makes them shine. I'm a great listener and am diplomatic but honest.

I'm an eternal learner, so I've done loads of technical training in my field, as well as having worked with lots of clients, both individuals and companies over the last six years. So you can rest assured you're in safe hands. I will give you a little nudge, or big push outside of your comfort zone though if you need it!

My background in HR and Organisational Development, and my unique offer of combining styling with coaching makes me a little different from someone who simply offers 'styling' services...

Things I like…

Fashion (obvs!) walking my beautiful Labradoodle Benson with my hubby, good coffee (and gin) and hanging out with friends...

What I do

  • One-to-One styling & colour consultations
  • Group image and personal branding workshops
  • Personal shopping & wardrobe reviews
  • personal branding and image coaching

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