What I Offer…

Releasing equity from your home is growing due to the amount of money tied up in a property. We save money and clear our mortgages for retirement, then retire and get a third of our working income, leaving not much opportunity to do the things we thought.
I am passionate about later life mortgages, i explain how they work in detail because it opens the door of opportunity when the full benefits are explained.

Mortgages are needed way beyond our working life which is why the lenders are seeing a significant number of applications where the clients are in their 60's
Equity Release/later life mortgages are a lifeline for many and for others an opportunity to do so much more with their life.

My full range of services: First-time buyers, re-mortgages, purchases, BLT, specialist lending for debt management and poor credit.

Why I’m good at what I do…

I am passionate about giving the right advice, getting the client the right mortgage and delivering the best service I can.
I have one policy that is customer service, the rest of what i do it paperwork.

My business is growing slowly because i delivery on quality not quantity.

Things I like…

I love love love meeting new people and learning about them and their experiences,

Wine , Wine and wine oh and chocolate. just don't drink it as often as i should.

What I do

  • I help people getting funding for & from a house.
  • Equity Release Advice
  • Mortgage Advice
  • Portection Advice

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