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A number person - supporting small and big people alike to help them understand and get to grips with numbers. Founder of Tutor In A Box, winner of Educator of The Year (2019) and provider of financial education workshops.

*Tutor In A Box is ... *

1. The First of its kind.

We’re empowering students to learn on their own terms.

Private tuition isn’t always accessible, affordable or convenient for everyone, but Tutor In A Box provides a flexible, fun and targeted method of studying to support better grades for GCSE Maths students.

With this revolutionary revision box, students can enjoy a chosen topic that supports their learning in school, delivered straight to their door.

2. Specially created for GCSE Maths students in Years 9 – 11.

Suitable from as early as year 8 through to GCSE final year, Tutor In A Box can be used as a teaching aid or revision aid, providing students freedom to study wherever, whenever.

  • Aligned with the national curriculum.
  • Suitable for both the foundation tier and higher tier.
  • Aimed at students hoping for a grade 4, 5 or 6.

3. Designed by an Award-Winning Maths Tutor.

Included with each box is a online webinar with Sophie, to help guide and support the specific box contents and to answer questions.

Sophie is an award-winning Maths tutor based in Warwickshire, and is the brains behind Tutor In A Box. Sophie saw a huge need for extra support for Maths students at GCSE level, but understood that private tuition may not always be the best solution. Hence, Tutor In A Box was born!

What I do

  • Help 6 - 96 year olds get to grips with numbers!

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