What I Offer…

Organising organisations. Reducing red tape. Untangling teams. Clearing up confusion.

Why I’m good at what I do…

I have worked with and helped hundreds of small organisations across the voluntary and private sectors for nearly 20 years. I am an experienced troubleshooter, jargon translator, problem solver, volunteer manager, and trainer. I am an expert in crisis management, conflict control, health and safety, GDPR and long term sustainability.

Member Testimonials

  • We learn from every journey - our own and others. I was so inspired by Susi's story of how she overcame her life struggles with running. Thank you Susi for being my inspiration to get out there and tread the pavements...I needed that - BIG TIME! :)

My Stats

Last online 11th Mar 2020
Member since 3rd Apr 2019
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Meetings attended 30
4N ranking 665 in the UK