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I am an influencer and motivational speaker that breathes life into the room whilst staying away from figures and statistics which allows my talk to be easier for absorbing. I am wanting to increase my bookings nationally and I believe 4Networking will help me do that.

I am being invited into schools, colleges, private groups and more with our two presentations.

‘KWAKS Story’ is my story so far on being a young entrepreneur and how I have gotten to where I am now, what I have accomplished so far and where I am wanting to go. I explain the nitty gritty parts of starting a business that no one else tells you. Such as influencers, social media, funding, business plans, how to balance a work and social life plus more.

‘The Eco Talk’ discussion is where we discuss all things eco friendly with the aim of increasing people’s knowledge on caring for the environment and them changing their lifestyles to better it also. We go back to basics with recycling all the way to everyday heroes.

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What I do

  • Public Speaking 
  • Motivational Speaking 
  • Influential Talks 

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