What I Offer…

**Kwak Talks: Helping people get their ducks in a row.

I am the #1MotivationalSpeaker in Yorkshire covering topics such as the environment, entrepreneurialism and mental health including self care; plus I am a Business Coach for small businesses/Freelancers that helps people start, run and grow their business in the best way to help your business thrive.

Only 78.5% of small businesses survive their first year and 13% of small businesses collapse because they lose focus, while 7% are doomed by their failure to pivot. I help businesses plan and grow whilst also helping you, the owner have a self development plan too. Without you there is no business.

Becoming a #1 Motivational Speaker is one of the best achievements I have made in my life so far and to say that I am only in my twenties means that I am doing something right. I have spoken to people of all ages varying from primary school students all the way upto Universities, Conferences, Key Notes and private groups such as WI's.

The Eco Talk is an educational presentation revolving around breaking free from plastic and how we can all become more eco friendly in our everyday lives. Covering topics such as single use plastics, becoming zero waste, everyday heroes such as 4Ocean, Ecobricks, Olio, Sea Shepards and many more.

Kwaks Story is my personal story about how my journey through life has allowed me to start a business at the age of 22 including stories about my family helping me develop the work ethic I have, where I found help when starting my business, how I was the guy that asked the 'stupid' questions and what I learnt from trying to stab my brother at the age of 5 with a fork (theres a question you now need answering).

Why I’m good at what I do…

Why a I good at what do?
Unlike most business coaches who have purchased a franchise and/or never ran a business before... I have and am running a business. I have had no educational experience in business so I have had to learn the old fashioned way by being thrown in the deep end as I had an idea and I am determined to make it succeed. I thrive on helping other people succeed and I will not stop until I have helped that person to the best of my ability and if I cannot help anymore then I will pass them the details of anyone that can because I am only a helping hand, You have to follow the path that is best for your business which is something I have personally learned the hard way.

Success is not purchased, Its rented which you have to work hard for and pay for everyday.

Being a motivational speaker is hard enough never mind being #1 so earning that title and retaining it is a huge title to have! What you see is what you get as I'm an open book and allow every page to be read. The Eco Talk is more of a relaxed conversation as I ask for people to join in and get jumped in.
Kwaks Story which is my personal story is very different to many other speakers as instead of being able to say 'LOOK AT HOW MUCH MONEY I HAVE MADE IN THE PAST 40 YEARS' I am the complete opposite by saying 'I had an idea of a business, found some help, got some money and now Im poor... BUT! This is the direction I am going in'.

Things I like…

New Facts
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Knock Knock Jokes
and compliments... i need that gratification.

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