What I Offer…

Martial arts classes to suit all ages and abilities. The words 'karate' and 'martial arts' are often interpreted as 'kicking and punching', but it's not just that. They offer so many benefits, so I've developed classes to suit everyone.

Traditional karate classes which you'll benefit from fitness, respect, discipline, self-belief, self awareness/self protection, personal development.

Bonsai Chi classes which are low-impact, whole body exercise classes, 'listening to your body, not challenging it'. A fusion of flowing movement and stillness of the mind.

Why I’m good at what I do…

I've been training in Wado-Ryu for over 30 years, and want to pass on the teachings and personal development I've gained during my training to others.

I worked in a Customer Service / Commercial role in Printing and Packaging for 30 years, and during my tenure as a manager realised that my karate training heavily influenced my behaviour, attitude and integrity.

Things I like…

I love my karate training, it challenges me mentally and physically. I enjoy helping people overcome their fears and achieve their goals. Seeing them grow and develop, mentoring and motivating them.

I also enjoy travelling, walking, and just spending time with family and friends.

What I do

  • Traditional Karate
  • Bonsai Chi
  • Self Awareness / Self Protection courses
  • Wellness in Work courses

My Stats

Last online 25th Feb 2020
Member since 8th May 2019
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4N ranking 380 in the UK

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