What I Offer…

Independent Distributor for Pioneer Log Homes of BC - Pioneer have the largest selection of sustainable sourced logs available globally to build your dream home or commercial complex. Simply Pioneer build the "Finest Log Homes on Earth"

Why I’m good at what I do…

I am passionate about showing people how they can build a sustainable high quality home that is made from the only carbon negative building material available. Building peoples dream and improving their lives. "The Finest Log Homes on Earth" - Pioneer take pride in the quality of their builds meeting and exceeding the expectations of their clients. Having built stunning quality homes for over 40+ years since 1973.

Things I like…

Additional to showing people how they can build stunning sustainable houses. I am passionate about Motorcycling as a member of EDAM (Edinburgh District Advance Motorcyclists) I help improve safety. I also am a member of the Curvy Riders Motorcycle Club. A club dedicated to helping ladies gain confidence and enpower them to enjoy their motorcycling. I also am a keen equestrian and help improve access around the Edinburgh Area with the British Horse Society.

What I do

  • I offer the finest handcrafted Cedar Log Homes on

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