What I Offer…

I deliver value to SME businesses through Strategic and tactical HR insights and actions. On an individual level I coach business owners, senior leaders, Non Exec Directors and staff to fulfill their development goals and/or to step up and through challenging times.

My core services are summarised below:

Individual and Team Coaching
Generally focusing on business owners, senior leaders and NEDs because high performing people and teams = high performing businesses

4-5 day People Fact Find
Resulting in a 12-18 month people strategy which is firmly aligned to the clients business strategy.

Part Time HR Director Service (4-8 days per month)
Adds strategic and tactical HR expertise in a flexible and affordable package.

HR Mentorship
Coaching and developing internal HR people to deliver high value results, day-in and day-out.

Employee Engagement Surveys and Action Plans
Getting more people working with passion and purpose.

Leadership Academies
Bespoke talent development programs which both develop and help retain our clients best talent.

HR Healthcheck
1-2 day service to review HR process, update policies, handbooks and ensure compliance with current legislative requirements.

Why I’m good at what I do…

I fell into a role in Human Resources aged 18 due to a random set of events (a story for another time). I have never looked back, because as fate would have it I liked it and showed early potential to excel at getting the best out of people. So now, with over 30 years in roles championing the people agenda, I feel just as energetic, curious and excited to make a real difference every time I am working with my clients as I did when I first started. That's a heady cocktail of experience and energy that you will really feel when we are working together.

I have over a decade of corporate retail and consumer goods experience. Since setting up my own business in 2012 I have provided strategic and operational HR support to mid-tier growing businesses: in manufacturing; warehouse; distribution; accountancy; commercial interior design and construction.

I'm at home with broad range of business structures and governance systems including, PE, Management and Family Owned and plc clients.

Things I like…

I hope my passion for people and business is already palpable.... so how about me at home?

You could say that I am really ‘down with the kids’ when I'm at home because my family has expanded recently with 3 young grandchildren appearing in rapid succession my two eldest kids. Along with my youngest daughter who is still at high school, I am always surrounded by youngster. I love the outdoors and have recently combined this passion with two new hobbies of photography and stargazing. I'm always up for a challenge and a laugh, and am currently throwing myself headlong into the 50th birthday bucket list challenges that my family and friends dared me to complete.

What I do

  • Coaching and HR Services

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