What I Offer…

You do not need to suffer in silence with trauma or pain from the past. I can help you to release your pain and trauma so that you can lead a life full of peace of mind.

Registered Practitioner No BL16204
The BLAST Technique® is a gentle, effective and efficient waking therapy releasing the emotional pain caused by traumas from the past. The memory of the trauma has not been processed by the mind properly which is why it comes back to you when you least expected it; causing further distress.
The treatment involves you reviewing the trauma in your mind I pass a light before you eyes a number of times until the emotional pain is released. A single layer trauma, such as a phobia for example, can be released in just one session. More complex trauma may need 2/3 sessions.
You can find out more about the BLAST Technique® by watching this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJKMDaNS4h8)

Old pain, where the original cause has healed, is usually your sub-conscious mind continuing to protect you when it no longer needs to. I can help you to turn off or turn down the pain signals using a talking therapy.

Registered Practitioner No SB-00548
OldPain2Go® is a gentle, talking therapy where I work directly with you and your sub-conscious mind Using a process of bargaining, we talk to your sub-conscious and gain its agreement to change the pain signals. The outcomes can be either elimination of pain, reduction of pain, or no change in pain. Where there is no change as an outcome, there may be other reasons for keeping the pain which can be explored.
You can find out more about the process by watching this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nXfaL0yd6A)

Why I’m good at what I do…

The power of the mind is astounding and since I started to re-train and learn about the power of the mind, I just want to share what I have found out with others. I am qualified in a number of therapies but the two techniques I have described above are the most powerful and effective treatments which provide relief quickly and gently.

Things I like…

I love helping people to learn about themselves and their capabilities and see them blossom.

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  • Having met Sheila in the Portishead meeting I invited her to do a 4site at Swansea breakfast and am so glad I did as Sheila gave a great talk about how talking to children when sleeping can effect their behavoirs

What I do

  • Stress Management Consultancy including training,

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