What I Offer…

Educator and recruiter for Kannaway, the premier CBD hemp company. I'm building a team in the UK and across Europe to further the reach of this incredible plant product and I'm actively recruiting now.

I also have a website selling these fantastic Products; including organic CBD hemp oil, 100% natural skincare products made with organic and wild harvested ingredients, essential oils made from the perfect blend of botanicals to energise or destress and protein and supergreen power powders. And now, CBD content GUM and Honey!

Why I’m good at what I do…

With an increasing interest in mind and body health and a holistic approach to well being, I'm passionate about every one of us living our best life, in health and lifestyle. I have a background in Operations and Production Management and have a huge zest for life and laughter.

I am sailing 20,000 nm's from Australia to the UK via the North Pacific and Atlantic to raise money for UNICEF and Action for Children in 2020. Look me up on instagram melaniesmith.clipperrace Follow the race which started on September 1st on www.clipperroundtheworldyachtrace.com and go to race viewer. You're looking for the purple boat called SEATTLE

Things I like…

Helping people achieve optimal wellness.
I also love being outside in nature, be it sailing, paddle boarding, wild swimming or camping.

What I do

  • Expand distribution in the UK, Europe and Japan
  • Drop ship premium CBD hemp oil and other products
  • Offer Step by Step guidance in choosing CBD 
  • Run group meet ups for your friends or colleagues
  • Full team support and guidance for new members

My Stats

Last online 17th Dec 2019
Member since 5th Jun 2019
Number of testimonials 0
Meetings attended 28
4N ranking 2364 in the UK

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