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I’m Alan Crouch of RandDTax, and we’ve helped over 1,100 UK SMEs (from manufacturers to bailiffs, software and ice cream companies) to recover over £112m of R7D Tax Credits, each receiving an average first claim of £63,000’s with which they can:

• Enjoy as a welcome cash injection • Use to grow and further invest in R&D • Offset their corporation tax payment, or • Use to buy services (e.g. consultancy, web devleopment and coaching services)

Therefore, if you happen to hear any one of your clients or contacts say any of the following, I’d would really like to hear from you:

• I had to appoint some coders and developers to advance new software, app or even my office computer system

• When developing my new products and services, the risk of the development, engineering or manufacturing was mine, or

• I’m an accountant or business consultant, who would like to grow my fee income and have the opportunity to potentially earn up to c£7,000.00 referral fee income, based on the life of each and every referral I give to RandDTax.

Lastly, it takes about two minutes and only four questions for me to learn if you or one of your clients qualify for R&D tax relief, so do be in touch.

I’m Alan Crouch, of RandDTax.

My Mobile is: 07866 715476

Why I’m good at what I do…

At RandDTax, we're former MDs, CEOs and industry sector experts.

We therefore are able to get right into a client's company, understand their R&D qualifying costs, reviewing the projects that have included R&D and work with your clients at a highly professional level.

RandDTax is a national business, with myself working in East Anglia, living in St. Ives Cambridgeshire and operating from St John's Innovation Centre in Cambridge.

RandDTax sits on a HMRC R&D panel, have over twenty national directors and consultants and are supported by our national compliance team based in Surrey.

We believe in offering the highest quality service at what we believe to be one of the most competitive prices to the client. We believe that R&D Tax Relief supports business growth.

We secure the vast majority of our clients through accountant or business consultant referral. We ensure that these referrals are rewarded with exceptional referral fee incomes.

With our over 5,000 clients, we have recovered over £112m of R&D Tax Credits, averaged £63,000.00 for our client's first claim and have a 100% claim success record. We are extremely proud of the quality of service we offer, of which we hope will in turn give you confidence to refer RandDTax with to your network or into your business.

Alan Crouch 07866 715476

Things I like…

In addition to RandDTax, I also am CEO and founder of the Business Growth School, which specialises in training Business Consultants and Cambridge University PhD / Russell Group students. I am an Academic Fellow of the IOEE and also a lead trainer for the ibdGroup business consultant network.

How this fits in to RandDTax? Indeed, many of the Business Consultant students I train can potenitally develop their own R&D consultant activities, however as I thoroughly enjoy working with the innovative businesses that invest in R&D, I choose to develop my local area myself!

In my spare time, I keep fit through rowing (St. Ives Rowing Club Member) and cycling. Married for 26 years, my wife and are also dedicated in helping our two children to achieve their dreams!

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