What I Offer…

Hi, I am a seasoned marketing professional and believe that creativity is more fun and succeeds better when it's supported by efficient process and practice. I develop marketing, sales, and strategic business plans and ensure that they have comprehensive ways of measuring progress. I develop successful campaigns within budget and on schedule. I am excellent at creating, managing and growing revenue streams.

I'll talk to any and all stakeholders and keep them onside and informed. I'll help anyone with any size of project and have an address book of good colleagues who can get any job done.

And I come with a smile, a positive and flexible attitude that keeps things on track and keeps it fun.

Why I’m good at what I do…

I am a positive, solution bringer. Nothing is a problem, there is always an answer and I will find it. But you need to realise that the answer might be 'no'. I go out of my way to make sure that money and time is being spent in the best possible way. I will make sure that any and all activity is sustainable and make sure that when I finish things do not fall over.

And I very often bring biscuits to meetings.

Things I like…

I like open, honest coversations. If you don't like what I am doing tell me.

I like analytics that are easy to understand and actually say something that might make a difference.

I like exploring new things and then sharing my excitment, or boredom if people need to be saved.

I like Earl Grey tea and biscuits at meetings.

My Stats

Last online 26th Feb 2020
Member since 19th Jun 2019
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Meetings attended 29
4N ranking 905 in the UK

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