What I Offer…

As a Certified Trainer and Coach, I will work with you to increase increase your performance, productivity and profitability. You have goals and I will help you achieve them by helping you to identify and remove the obstacles and mind blocks holding you back. If you lead a team, I will work with you to develop your team's talents and your leadership skills, including self leadership. Statistics show that engaged staff perform better than disengaged staff. Together we will drive up your staff engagement increasing your greatest competitive advantage, your staff cohesiveness. My goal is to help you close the gap between expectations and results to achieve your desired outcomes. Results include:

  • A balanced, happier, more productive and fulfilled life for you as an individual
  • Better working and personal relationships
  • Identifying and getting rid of obstacles holding you and/or your business back
  • Better team communication reducing room for costly errors and fragmentation
  • Greater Staff Cohesion, increasing your impact as an business
  • Better staff placement reducing frustration on both sides
  • Less staff baby-sitting freeing you to take your business to the next level
  • Increased staff morale, reduced staff turnover
  • Less stress for you as a leader because you have a functional team
  • Culture change from finger-pointing and blaming to “doing it together”
Why I’m good at what I do…

I have over 7 years experience as a Trainer and Coach, am extremely passionate about what I do and I achieve results. My methods are simple and practical and I will leave you and your team with fundamental principles that are both easy to understand and apply. I am client focussed and provide a bespoke service dedicated 100% to achieving your goals. My training and coaching programmes are approved by the Institute of Leadership and Management and I will stick with it until the job is done.

Things I like…

I love reading, travelling, meeting new people and performing on stage. One thing I would love to do before I check out of this world is star in a movie!

What I do

  • Professional Coaching for SME Owners
  • Staff and Leadership Training
  • DISC Personality Assessments
  • Mastermind Groups and Workshops
  • Public Speaking

My Stats

Last online 20th Feb 2020
Member since 3rd Jul 2019
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4N ranking 1226 in the UK

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