What I Offer…

Do you trust your employees?

Do you struggle to retain or recruit the right people and talent?

Do you have a skills gap?

Do you want to grow your business?

Then fear not, for I can help with a social and collaborative learning strategy that boosts performance in your team and business.

My golden rule: you cannot grow your company without growing your people with it.

Why I’m good at what I do…

I see learning from the learner's perspective, making it easy for everyone to get involved and learning stick.

Watch me sing and talk about boosting performance through collaborative learning:

Things I like…
  • Swimming and running to relax and stay fit

  • Reading to keep learning

  • Hanging out with my pet pygmy hedgehog Arya (stick 'em with the pointy end)

What I do

  • Help you to develop habits that grow your business

My Stats

Last online 19th Feb 2020
Member since 4th Aug 2019
Number of testimonials 0
Meetings attended 23
4N ranking 1101 in the UK