What I Offer…

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Consulting and Implementation.

  • Automate, Streamline and Report on your Marketing, Sales and Customer Service Operations as well as many other processes, which may be heavily reliant on Outlook, Spreadsheets or Physical Paperwork.

CRM for Customer Service
Transform your service and inspire loyalty through great customer service

Give the Best Service
Personalise every contact with a customer. View a customer and a case history instantly
Access the system from a desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Great for field service agents
Assign cases quickly to the right support staff with intelligent case routing
Tailor service to customers’ SLA and use notifications to ensure the agreement’s conditions are never missed

Empower your Sales Staff
Resolve cases quicker with intelligence from colleagues and from case history at your fingertips
Use the tools your customers prefer – chat, social, Skype, email or phone
Build a library of knowledge as you solve cases

Around the clock service
Create a knowledge website to solve customer issues 24 hours a day
Keep customers updated with automated email status updates
Monitor social media to respond to queries and raise new support tickets
Create peer-to-peer communities where customers can find expert help
Create feedback systems to improve your products and services
Monitor performance
Identify and react to case trends
View live service stats such as average response time and resolution time
Learn more about customer behaviour with deep analysis tools

CRM for marketing
Build your brand and see measurable results

An Integrated marketing function
Plan and manage marketing campaigns centrally
Manage marketing projects, assets and approval processes from one single system
Easily create events such as webinars
Collaborate on campaigns within teams and with sales staff
Generate the right leads
Create lead capturing web forms without specialist skills
Create landing pages to advertise products and capture interest
Create surveys and feedback forms to assess interest
Track users’ actions through your website and send communications based on behaviour
Discover leads from social sources

Nurture leads intelligently
Automate entire campaigns based on customer behaviour, segmentation or time using a simple drag and drop editor
Integrate delivery of campaigns across email, social, web and traditional media
Promote cool leads to be sales ready through personalised content
Segment and score leads through the pipeline and send communications tailored to their interest level
Measure marketing effectiveness
Quickly see the return on investment (ROI) on campaigns
Track campaigns in real time
Discover exactly what worked in each campaign

Automate your marketing machine
With our marketing automation solution, Click Dimensions, you can
Send professionally designed, personalised newsletters and bulletins
Create structured, intelligent email campaigns
Welcome new customers with an intelligent email sequence
Send emails based on user’s preferences and their actions
Keep in touch with customers with regular, timely updates

Why I’m good at what I do…

I have over 10 year's experience in business software consulting and implementation, I can identify efficiencies and solutions to help automate processes to to save time, money and increase revenue and profit.

I am committed to getting stuff done, on time and on budget, always putting reputational risk and my Client first.

Things I like…

Aside working with some awesome Clients and delivering results....

Italian Food, Craft Ale, Cycling, Running, Community Work, Good Timekeeping, Star Wars, Dogs, Golf, F1 Motorsport, Family.

What I do

  • CRM SOFTWARE - Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Business Process Automation- XL/Outlook/Paper - We

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