What I Offer…

My business is about providing ideas and the tools to help build personal wealth. I am associated to the St. James Place Group who guarantee my advice. I am self employed and my main goal is to build a long term relationship with my clients. This involves developing a relationship based on trust and to do this we will work on the circumstances specific to your needs - we will tailor a solution - then we will revisit it regularly to ensure its on track.

My relationship with St. James Place enables my clients to benefit from a FTSE 100 brand with a enviable reputation in investment performance and client retention. As  qualified accountant it is important to me that what I offer my clients is of exceptional quality. 

Specifically I focus on individuals who own there own busineses. This is becuase I have had my own business for most of my career and can relate to the issues business owners face.

Typical questions business owners ask are: 

  • How to leverage the business to build my personal wealth in a tax efficient manner
  • What is the most effiecient way to protect my business and its assets from Inheritance tax
  • What do I do with the money I make if I sell the business?
  • Can I use my business as a pension vehicle? if so how?
  • If I have a partner what happens if he dies? Will the business survive? How do I ensure a favouable outcome?
  • What Investments can I make in my business?
Why I’m good at what I do…





What I do

  • Wealth Manager
  • Investment advice
  • Pensions and Retirement Planning
  • Business and Personal Asset Protection
  • Inheritance Planning

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