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  • I've known Adam for years through local 4N meetings. Bumped into him at an exhibition last week and asked him to look at my arm and shoulder, which had reduced mobility and frequent pain. A few minutes of gentle work from his healing hands . . . and instant improvement. Highly recommended.
  • Thanks Adam. I've had a painful knee (when running) for years and just accepted it as how things would be. Adam worked his magic and now the knee gives me no pain... I guess I'm out of excuses for not going running more often now - thanks Adam!
  • Having picked up an injury from running, I had a number of sessions with Adam to help locate the source of the problem. Adam's true holistic approach means he is very 'in tune' with the whole body, not just the area with pain. Anyone can feel totally confident in Adam's healing hands!

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  • Health & beauty
  • Holistic therapies

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Last online 27th Apr 2020
Member since 17th Feb 2009
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