What I Offer…

Business development for introverts
It can be painful being introverted, not feeling you want to contribute, especially in a busy networking meeting where others seem to be making all the running and doing well. It’s even harder to sell as an introvert….. What are the strategies that successful introverts have used- they do exist and you could be using them, Introvertverts networking, introverts engaging in conversations more easily, or help with the top fears of an introvert.

Ninja Networking
OK, I'm not the only person to write a book on networking, but people who read it say it's great, helpful and really easy to read (that's because I wrote it so you answer questions and it guides you to the relevant bits - just like a children's book). Read more about it http://ninjanetworking.co.uk

Networking development programme
So you go networking; but what are you going to do differently to get the different results you crave? A 6 month programme including webinars, a free copy of Ninja Networking and 2 one to one sessions will answer your question and leave you with the skills to change your networking. Click here to read more

*Top Hat Dinners: *
Ever wanted to focus on growing your business, crack the pressure of thinking you’re all alone and have fun at the same time? Top Hat Dinners are a different way to create focus in your business, have fun, and help other business owners too (all over a sumptuous dinner)

Why I’m good at what I do…

30 years: I love helping business owners grow their business and their confidence. I’ve been doing it for 30 years. Be mad, be zany be boring but whatever you do be yourself and be clear with what you want and from whom.
Don't start me on selling and wearing shoes!

I wrote the book on it!

  • Book 2: - Ninja Networking: The book to help business owners get more business form their networking, as the best results don’t always go to the loudest people. How are you going to be more Ninja?
  • Book 1:- "The Go-To Expert", published by the FT in 2014. This book will show you how to grow your reputation, differentiate yourself from the competition and win new business.

Background: 30year track record of managing, training and coaching in the retail and commercial transport sectors achieving an astounding record of business growth in both small businesses and Blue Chip companies. For years was responsible for 20 franchisees with an annual turnover of £55 million, and I helped them increase profits 12% each year.

Things I like…

Hobbies: I'm a Scuba diving nut and spend most of my free time underwater (anywhere from under the arctic ice to New Zealand). I also enjoy running and healthy eating (but not as much as I love Pizza). How many other people on this site say they like crabs?

One secret: I hate shoes. What's more this dislike of shoes led to a very strange experience when I was doing a 4sight some years ago. The group leader stole my shoes, and I'm now engaged to her! I have taught her to dive though!

Me in my habitat, let's network here :)

Member Testimonials

  • Jon left an amazing impression with his inspiring 4sight on the ninja tactics of networkers. I would thoroughly appreciate having him back as a speaker but also thought he had a wealth of knowledge as well as secrets that all would do well to hear. Felix, Stuntman, Health Coach and 4N Holborn GL
  • I heard Jon speak recently at a 4Sight in Holborn and really enjoyed his presentation. Thoughtful content on how to network like a Ninja - practical advice, delivered in a relaxed, light hearted style. Highly recommend getting along to one of his talks if you get the chance.
  • I have seen Jon give two talks at breakfast events and both talks were stimulating, insightful, engaging, and helpful to me as a small business owner. Also through talking with Jon I know that he is genuine and focussed and puts all of his effort into helping your specific business achieve success!
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What I do

  • Quietly help you develop your business.
  • Eat breakfasts...quietly
  • Drink tea (never coffee)
  • Blow bubbles (be underwater)

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