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Rob Levick (aka 'The Profit Detective') is a Business Growth Coach: helping small business owners to enjoy their lifestyle of choice by creating simple, step-by-step. personalised, guaranteed, plans that deliver predictable and consistent results.

Do you want to build a stronger business but wonder what your next steps should be?

Have you tried all the latest fads and fashions for business building but never really followed them through diligently?
Do you sometimes feel alone with your business doubts, not knowing who to talk to and fearing that despite your unremitting hard work the business will never reach its full potential?
For most of us our business success or failure will determine how 'big' a life we enjoy. The greater the value we create for others the more we can provide for our family, help our friends, protect our health, and contribute to our community.
Do you wish you could do more for the people close to you and the causes that matter to you?
~"Fantastically positive, this sum's Rob up, brilliant clarity of vision in whatever you are talking about" Garrett Ramsay, Sales Director, Online Print Company.~
Here's a taster:
1.  Anyone can start a business, but most people shouldn't.

2.  Great Marketing can make the first sale. Your client's experience will make the second ... hopefully.

3.  There's a Key Performance Indicator which enables you to calculate precisely the health of each component in your business. it's called a 'Pound', 'Dollar', or 'Euro'.

4.  The more you do, the less you succeed. The less you do, the more you succeed.

5.  No matter what product or service you sell, you only sell one thing - an emotional response.

6.  Don't fall in love with the product, fall in love with the client.

7.  You don't decide your brand, your market does.

8.  If there's no system there's no real business.

9.  If you must be present it's not a business, it's a job.

10.  You never know it all. Life has a new lesson for you every day. Learn it.

Why I’m good at what I do…

Rob Levick, The Profit Detective in action at a recent PLC meeting

Rob Levick [aka 'The Profit Detective'] has the proven experience, skills and business acumen to help your business grow and make substantial increases to it's profit.

Rob’s straight talking, professional approach, and passion for people in business is at the core of 'Solving Clues', his step-by-step business growth system.
Researched and proven techniques, honest and practical advice, support and coaching are delivered in an engaging manner; Rob has a whole host of insightful stories and a wealth of experience to benefit any SME aiming to achieve their goals and maximise profits.

Rob began his career in accountancy in the 70’s and his work across a variety of industries taught him the value of marketing and strategic planning in the success of business development. Robs full career history and references are available here.

You can connect with Rob on LinkedIn, on Twitter @ProfitDetective or by email at rob at theprofitdetective dot com.

Photograph courtesy of Stewart Cunningham at Great Scot Photography

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