What I Offer…

As an independent Forever Living business owner I am part of a world-wide organisation that supports people to become healthier and wealthier through the use of Aloe Vera.

I offer a wide range of aloe vera based products that help to maintain the health and well-being of all members of your family, including your animals.  From our best-selling Aloe Vera Gel drink to skin and personal care products, from nutritional supplements to bee products, there is something for everyone, including your 4-legged friend.

For those that are looking to build an additional income or start a new business that can help them achieve their goals whilst maintaining (or improving) their lifestyle, Forever Living also provides a business opportunity that is definitely worth a look.  I support my team members to build a success Forever business that suits their goals and ambitions.  It will be different for everyone but that's the beauty of Forever - you can build your business to work the way you want it to whilst having the support of an established and successful business to help you.

Why I’m good at what I do…

I'm a 40-something Yorkshire Lass with an animal family - cats, chickens and racing pigeons.  I have owned and run a 'traditional' small business sicne 2006 - providing admin support for small business owners and helping them improve the efficiency of their office through process development and implementation.

In my experience business owners spend way more time working in their business than they ever anticipated and they've never quite achieved the work/life balance they had hoped for when setting up the business.  They're not 'Living the Dream' ... whatever that means for them.

For me, 'Living the Dream' is being able to mix business and pleasure.  I want to be have a business that offers me time and location freedom so that I can spend as much time with my animals and in my motorhome as I wish, whilst still running my business.

I have managed to get my business working in a model that does allow me a degree of time and location freedom - I'm not tied to having to work during office hours or from a fixed location.  However, my earnings are still tied in with the amount of time I spend working, so my financial freedom is lacking.

I have therefore chosen to use my business skills and experience to set up and grow a 2nd business with Forever Living that will give me both time and financial freedom and allow me to do the things that I want to do, when I want to do them.


Member Testimonials

  • I really enjoyed Sarah's 4sight at the Huddersfield meeting last week. It was very entertaining and had lots of food for thought. I have also used samples of the Aloe Vera products and loved them. I really like the Aloe Heat lotion which is great for headaches, lifting mood and aching muscles.
  • Having seen Sarah's presentations and worked with her on my own office systems, I'd definitely recommend her for anyone who wants to get their business ship shape. Organised, efficient and effective, Sarah is someone you know you can have complete confidence in, whatever the size of your business.
  • Sarah has a meticulous eye for thinking the whole process through in detail. You can also leave her to get on with a task where she'll take ownership and makes sure it runs just like clockwork. She understands diplomacy and the need for business etiquette like breathing. Thanks Sarah

What I do

  • Aloe Vera based products
  • Maintain health & well-being of your animals
  • Maintain health & well-being of your family
  • MLM / Network Marketing Team Building

My Stats

Last online 3rd Jun 2019
Member since 25th Jun 2009
Number of testimonials 6
Meetings attended 237
4N ranking 74709 in the UK

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