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Based on the 2080 principle, that 80% of profit comes from 20% of activity, the 2080 Group sources products and services from leading edge network companies, that either educate, save money, make money, improve health, and help the environment.

Customers can quickly identify the benefits and buy the products and services, either traditionally or online.

They then recommend them cutting out the 80% of ineffective and expensive activities of prospecting, advertising, employees, stocks, premises, distribution, providing credit and chasing debts.

For example, now you can combat the high price of petrol/diesel/biofuel with a simple caplet you add to your tank when you fill up; savings are from 7-14% per fill up. The caplet will actually help your engine by decreasing wear on combustion chamber components and as an added benefit it helps your engine burn cleaner, reducing harmful emissions. Shop here.


Clancy is also the founder of NETWORK 2080 and InterNetWorkSelling – using the power of the Internet, Networking, Selling and making them WORK globally.

Clancy is passionate about personal development and networking systems and is the author of several articles. Clancy’s success model is based on the duplication of simple tools, places the human being at the core of a technically driven system that adapts to the user’s skill-set and time commitments.

Steve Wilson, the founder of the First Friday Network (2003), collaborates with Clancy and Network 2080 to mentor entrepreneurs to success in networking.







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Founder of the 2080group and Network2080. I help other people be more successful using a system that I know works, it grew my business so why wouldn't I share it with others. So this means I am really motivated to show others what worked so well for me. I work hard to help other people to get more from themselves, to develop and grow their capabilities and business awareness within the structure of a Business Network - 4Networking for me. I am passionately driven to motivate others, to get engaged, to take action to move forward and to help engage the others in their network to sell for them, to act as their advocates and for their network to help them to get more prospects and more clients.


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