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  • I recently completed Adrian's black belt programme. Adrian has helped me to become more confident when networking. Before I met Adrian I struggled with networking and had no real strategy. Adrian helped me to develop my 40 seconds and develop an effective networking strategy.
  • I just read a great testimonial about Adrian & I agree that this man really cares about people. He is a good listener with a genuine desire to help his clients.
  • I started working with Adrian because I wanted to get more from my networking and to understand how I could develop myself. Adrian is a great listener and I found our sessions really opened up my thoughts on how I see and understand others. Have a chat with Adrian you will learn alot.
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What I do

  • Business Networking Coaching & Consultancy
  • help people network better at events
  • Better nights sleep

My Stats

Last online 23rd Jun 2020
Member since 8th Sep 2009
Number of testimonials 11
Meetings attended 989
4N ranking 160 in the UK

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