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  • As well as attending Ann's amazing fun mindset workshops, i want to recommend her 1:1 work... she helped me find a way out of the quagmire my mind was in during my Canine Massage studies so that i could generate some income using my own resources as well as successfully completing my course in 2018.
  • When I started working with Ann six months ago I felt that I needed help with my mindset and she has helped me to change my attitude towards my business and life goals. She has help me to re-establish the principles that were already there and helped me make decisions about what I should be doing
  • As a Coach, Ann gave Didsbury Group attendees a very interesting motivational 4Sight with snippets such as, Do something different, Everyone has setbacks - it’s not how many times u fall but how many times u bounce back, What we do today compounds over the years and more with explanations for each
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