What I Offer…

Is the wellbeing of you and your team important to you?

Do you recognise the link between wellbeing and the success of your business?

Are you looking for a truly unique wellbeing event?

We combine the best sport on the planet (no bias here!) with a passion for wellbeing to create unique events designed to reduce the impact of employee sickness and disengagement.

Choose from a relatively relaxing paddle on the river to a fiercely competitive day of games culminating in an Oarsome Regatta with medal ceremony. Every event is underpinned with essential lessons of wellbeing.

Until 4 years ago, I’d never considered rowing. (Have you seen how those athletes look at the end of a race? Surely that’s neither fun nor good for you!). But thanks to a chat at a networking event, I signed up for a Learn to Row course, which was run by my now business partner Gill Laidlaw.

From the moment I nervously stepped into the long and narrow rowing boat, I was hooked!

My love of the sport led me to take my coaching qualification with British Rowing, join Gill in running the learn to row programme at Warrington Rowing Club, become an assistant coach for Warrington Youth Rowing (an amazing charity which introduces young people, who otherwise would never have the opportunity, to rowing), and to create Always Oarsome.

As a carer and business owner, life can get very hectic. Rowing enables me to maintain my mental and physical wellbeing so that I can carry out all my other roles to a far higher standard than I otherwise would.

Nothing compares to watching your day-to-day worries fade into the distance as you push off the landing stage. Being outdoors, in beautiful surroundings, feeling the flow of the water, hearing the boat sing (it really does!) WOW! It’s simply amazing!

Imagine giving your team this gift.

Want to give your team the best day out of the office so they give you their best days in the office?

Why I’m good at what I do…

Having worked in marketing and communications for over 25 years, in both a corporate environment and as the founder of my own business, I am well aware of the importance of wellbeing in order to be able to function effectively.

Outside of business, I am also a former foster carer and now a share lives carer and so need to be on top of my own wellbeing in order to do the best I can in business and at home.

Since taking up rowing, I have been able to focus far more proactively on my own wellbeing and have subsequently been far more productive in business and more resilient in all areas of my life.

I am now passionate in sharing this with as many people as possible to help them with their wellbeing and resilience in life and business.

Things I like…

4Networking, rowing, family, friends, my cat, theatre (especially musicals), music, the outdoors, business, teamwork, community spirit, laughing, hugging.

Member Testimonials

  • Jen is a Legend!! always has an amazing upbeat "Oarsome" Personality - you must find the time to meet with Jen when you can, shes been to probably more 4N's than Brad!! - speak to her about getting your team out on the water! Go Jen!!
  • Officially the smiliest networker in the North West. A solid leader for our squad, incredibly happy, always professional and leaves a lasting impression on everyone she meets. You'll feel like you've known her for years from the moment you meet her. An inspiring leader.
  • Jen is Always "Oarsome", her passion for 4networking and her "day" job is clear for all to see. A great leader always there to support, cheerlead and advise where needed. One of the best things for me about becoming a team member was being able to work closely with Jen as she is just ace
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What I do

  • Marketing and communication
  • Social Media
  • Training
  • Speaking
  • Team Building

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Last online 10th Jul 2020
Member since 7th Nov 2009
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4N ranking 7 in the UK

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