• Jen exudes enthusiasm and warmth. A creative person, Jen is conscientious, knowledgeable and has a quiet authority about her. She knows her stuff, but does not seek to impose herself on others.
  • Jen was the person who suggested I join 4N several months ago, thank you. Jen has actually been my Marketing Guru for a few years now. We actually used to be on the same course at Uni. So we have been in sad states often in nightclubs together!! Jen is a marketing genius and a truly lovely person.
  • I love how Jen is so understated and yet knows so much. Jen is who I turn to when I need marketing advice. Intelligent, structured, sensible advice.
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  • What I do

    • Marketing and communication
    • Social Media
    • Training
    • Speaking
    • Team Building

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    Last online 29th Oct 2018
    Member since 7th Nov 2009
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