Why I’m good at what I do…

Work stuff: I spent approximately ten years working for a number of small and medium sized design agencies in Cheshire and Manchester after completing a degree in Graphic Design and Typography at the University of Plymouth. In many ways I found that the most interesting and rewarding work wasn't for the big-name clients that I worked for but rather for the many smaller names. Creating design work for these comparatively smaller businesses and organisations felt like it had a far more positive impact and provided a feeling of genuine involvement in those businesses.

I decided to set up Opus Creative Design Ltd in 2007. It's been a fair old journey since then and I've learned a massive amount – plenty of it from fellow 4Ners. For that I thank them. Hopefully I've managed to help a few people along the way too.

Member Testimonials

  • Dave is ace! He's designed lots of stuff for me & it's always spot on. This week I sent him the draft text for a flyer but told him I didn't think it had quite enough oomph. He oomphed it up brilliantly, put exactly the kind of personality into it I wanted & of course made it look fantastic.
  • I have just used Dave on a rush job and all I can say is WOW. He delivered on time and in incredibly tight timescales. The quality of the work is fantastic and he delivered exactly what I wanted. Have already recommended Dave to others. Superb customer service!! :)
  • I have seen Dave do this 4Sight once before but was glad to hear it again, particularly as I am just about to update my business cards. This just goes to show how useful a 4Sight session can be for members. Well done Dave. I made lots of notes and will be adopting many of your suggestions :-)
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What I do

  • Brand Graphic Design Print
  • Brand Website Design Graphic Design Print
  • Branding Graphic Design Print
  • Branding & Communications Design
  • Design and Printing

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Last online 6th Dec 2019
Member since 23rd Nov 2009
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Meetings attended 266
4N ranking 159337 in the UK

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