What I Offer…

Healthier more natural, ethical alternatives to cleaning products, personal care and lots more

Why I’m good at what I do…

I am passionate about helping people reduce the amount of chemicals in their lives. Better for them better for the planet
I don't want to teach the world to save the planet I want the world to live on a planet that doesn't need saving

Things I like…

I love ethical fair trade organic natural sustainable
we cannot continue draining the planet of its resources without putting something back

Member Testimonials

  • Tracy what a star. As well as being an eco goddess you are so kind & generous.Organising a skydive prize for getinvolved is far beyond the call of duty as well as adding a new dimension to the range of prizes.What a shining example of all things good about 4N.THANKYOU so much.
  • Tracey is full of boundless energy which she channels into helping people in any way she can. From spot-on product recommendations that are eco and pocket friendly, to great tips for sky-diving fun ... who could ask for more in a fellow networker? If you haven't already met Tracey, you should!!!

What I do

  • Eco alternatives
  • if you would like to be greener on the inside or greener on the outside - talk to me

My Stats

Last online 31st Mar 2019
Member since 26th Nov 2009
Number of testimonials 2
Meetings attended 56
4N ranking 3499 in the UK

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