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  • I recently had a great meeting with Dickie and have now worked with him setting up my first ever landing pages and new domain names. He not only knows his stuff, he is incredibly helpful. Thanks Dickie.
  • Dickie brings great showmanship and energy to our Longwell Green meeting in his role as Group Leader. He is a great speaker and is skilled at commenting on details about those in his audience helping them feel welcomed and included. Knowing him personally he is an agile and innovative businessman.
  • I had the pleasure of hearing Dickie's 4sight at Cribbs which both inspired and motivated me within my own sales role at a time when I most needed it. If he can do that in just 20 minutes, imagine what a difference he could make in an hour?Amazing!
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What I do

  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Consulting
  • Sales & marketing
  • Inspirational Keynote Speaker
  • Podcast Host
  • Author

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Last online 6th Dec 2019
Member since 26th Nov 2009
Number of testimonials 35
Meetings attended 422
4N ranking 2182 in the UK

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