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  • Peter tested my health today and the results were really pleasing. He dealt with me like a true professional which inspires confidence in his methods, tools and products. Highly recommended.
  • Hello how are you today? Good day, am miss Hazina Samuel,and am looking for friendship with you, Please contact me at [] Am going to send you my pictures and also tell you more about me Thanks Miss Hazina.
  • Peter introduced me to Pro-Argi9 for which I have to say thanks - it amazed me and my doctor BP down from 175/120 to 128/85 in a month - Peter you could be a life saver.
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  • MLM/Network marketing Team Building

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Last online 27th Feb 2020
Member since 6th Jan 2010
Number of testimonials 8
Meetings attended 558
4N ranking 3480 in the UK

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