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After 30+ years in accounting and tax the current challenge is to make accounting for small businesses an activity which addresses the needs and wants of owners of small businesses. Technology – in particular Cloud software- is changing the face of small business accounting for ever – the days of piles of papers and bank statements being received well after the year-end are long gone. This is a good thing!
My parallel career in counselling, therapy and coaching has given me a strong grounding in what makes people tick – and how to help them. Given that owners of small businesses are invariably “people”, my current mission is to develop and grow an accountancy business that addresses this fact and provides the support and help they need to be successful and “realise their dreams”
The challenge of technology and other disruptive factors led me to consider what the accountancy world would be like in 3, 5 and 10 years. What activities will remain? What do I want to be doing then? The answer was fairly easy to find. The activities which are unlikely ever to be taken over by machines are: High level tax advice (the changes are so frequenty and the personal situation of the client is central) and business coaching and mentoring. At Rosslyn Associates we have taken this to heart over the last 2 -3 years and have developed a range of high-quality business and financial coaching programs. These are built on our accounting and numerical skills, out tax skills, and our coaching skills – developed in line with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) training for the team.
We’ve worked hard to clarify our core values and our mission. Our mission statement is:
“We have great relationships with our clients so that we can help them build great businesses and realise their dreams”
Our core values:
Relationships – as our mission statement says
Quality - of work and in everything we do.
Creativity – particularly in our ideas for solving client problems
Continuous learning – we are open to new ideas and incorporate the into what we do.
Fun – as long as the above values are being lived we also believe that we should be able to have some fun as a team.
Our ideal clients are small owner-managed businesses which have been trading for a few years, have a few employees but have become “stuck” and are not sure how to grow further.

Member Testimonials

  • Ian is a really great accountant. He is also a Chartered Tax advisor and a registered counselor. Additionally you pay a fixed pre-agreed monthly rate for his services without the shock of a traditional bill. They have taken the worry out of accounting for me - a really great firm!

What I do

  • Business coaching
  • personal coaching
  • accounting
  • tax advice and planning
  • business improvement.<br>

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