What I Offer…

Digital Dogsbody provides support for all your online and digital tasks. Do you need help:

  • Setting up a new Wordpress website
  • Updating or tweaking your existing website
  • Creating a thriving membership site
  • Setting up autoresponders and email campaigns
  • Researching your next book, white paper or blog articles
  • Submiting artlices to blogs and directories
  • Creating new blog posts or adding content to your blog
  • Setting up a facebook competition or sweepstake
  • Turning your document into a kindle publication, ebook or printed copy

And much more! 

Why I’m good at what I do…

Having been a natual health practitioner for 8 years running my own clinics, problems with my own long standing health problems led to a change in direction and the creation of Digital Dogsbody. 

Having always loved being a bit of a geek and learning ll things wordpress, ecommerce and digital marketing for my own business, as well as helping friends, it was a natural leap for me to embrace this and update my skills. I'm not a web designer or developer, I'm not a marketeer and I am not a virtual assistant, but I sit somewere between all of these, filling in a gap for people who just need a bit of help rather than paying for someone too qualified to do the job. 

I still specialise in working with people in the health and fitness industries as this fits with my background, but I work with clients from all walks of business including wine sellers, celebrity hypnotherapists and franchise companies.

I became a believer in natural medicine when it saved my life at the age of 15 after I was given a terminal diagnosis. I've treated myself naturally ever since and, despite having heart and kidney failure am on no conventional medications or hospital treatment but manage to lead a full life just by following my own advice (although as anyone who follows me on twitter knows, I'm prone to burning the candle at both ends!) 

I share my home with my slightly 'special' cat, whose antics often feature in my tweets and who insists on having a cuddle off everyone who walks in the door. I also share it with the Northern Code Monkey that it is Mike Morrison (aka Mimo) who I met via 4N and twitter, fortunately he doesn't insist on having a cuddle off everyone who walks through the door!

In my spare time(!) I am writing a book and setting up a social enterprise/charity. I love cooking and creating new gluten free cake recipes!


Member Testimonials

  • I needed a developer for a new website for a rackets club I am involved in. From interpreting my brief through to theme recommendations and the build of the site framework, We Do Wordpress's client service was superb and their in depth knowledge of WordPress came to the fore. Highly recommended.
  • Callie is simply one of the most beautiful, inspirational and kindest people I have ever had the fortune to meet. She knows her stuff inside out, is passionate about using her knowledge to help those she interacts with and never, ever lets adversity get in her way. Don't hesitate - book to see her.
  • I went to see Callie after finding no help from conventional medicine. After a health MoT, she made recommendations on diet and supplements, both of which helped me. Add to that she is lovely and really knows her stuff - can't recommend her enough.
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What I do

  • Wordpress & Digital Assistant

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Last online 22nd Feb 2013
Member since 13th Jun 2010
Number of testimonials 19
Meetings attended 28
4N ranking 84149 in the UK

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