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Honestly, it still feels really weird to say that. I won the title at The Best Business Women Awards, in 2018, after a bunch of my clients conspired with my wife to put together what was (obviously) a cracking entry.

What it really means, of course, is that mine was the best entry that year, but I'm all about visibility, so I'll use that title for as long as I can.

In fact, the story continues into 2019 as well, when I was named one of the UK's most inspiring business women by the same awards organisation one year later.

Why is visibility so important? Because it's much harder to help, support and inspire people if they don't know you exist. Being invisible makes it much tougher for people to find you, and buy from you, too.

Put simply, you cannot be a secret and a success at the same time.

My services encompass visibility and personal brand coaching, as well as helping you to build your confidence, hone your message, identify your target audience, build the right packages and get noticed for all the right reasons.

I offer 1-2-1 and group coaching, as well as a number of training workshop options, including my empowerment programmes (they're the ones that include firewalking, meditation and a big old dose of power-full #hippyshit) and my award-winning #HeartOfSpeaking speaker training retreats.

Yep, I'm a speaker too - one of the reasons I love 4N is the 4Sight slot, which allows me to show off my skillset and get referrals as a result. I speak all
over the world, for household name brands, as well as business events and even schools. Brad Burton himself referred to me as the UK's #1 Female Motivational Business speaker. I'll take that. Thanks Brad.

Let's not forget my books - Whispers From The Earth and Unleash Your Awesome so far, with publishers in the UK and US chasing me for more. I've been known to help my clients prep for writing a book too - everything from honing their story to finding a publisher.

I also run an online coaching and mindset programme - LifeForce - - and work alongside fellow 4Ner (and my wife) Asha Clearwater #UNLEASHED - a low-cost online coaching and business development programme for coaches, healers and therapists.

Why I’m good at what I do…

My own story gives me plenty to draw on when it comes to being able to empathise and inspire.

From escaping an abusive relationship to breaking my back in an attempt to escape life, I focused on goal-setting and material goodies for years, climbing to the top of a multi-national corporate organisation before realising I still felt horribly incomplete. It took the death of my father, losing my financial safety net and a breakdown before I turned things around and learned to say 'YES' to life.

That breakDOWN really was my breakTHROUGH.

Since then, I've trained in NLP, become a certified enterprise mentor, learned coaching and even a bit of hypnosis, as well as spending a decade or so learning from shamans and medicine people - I promise you, the personal development tools they taught me knock spots off anything 'left brain' I learned in corporate life.

All those years spent in journalism, marketing, publishing and PR (as well as being behind a successful digital agency for a number of years, editing several magazines and newspapers, launching an award-winning digital magazine and running a marketing department) gave me all the tools I needed to help business owners get noticed for all the right reasons.

I was talking about personal brand before personal brand was being talked about and my own success with building a brand, attracting a tribe and growing positive recognition is testament to my skillset in my core areas of business coaching.

As for confidence and empowerment, my track record speaks volumes there too. Read my book or listen to my #UnleashYourAwesome 4Sight... I'm a long way from the bullied introvert I used to be. I can show you how to #FlipYourNegatives, embrace all life has to hold AND help you to build an awesome business.

Wondering about the extreme
empowerment I'm known for? I trained with the same team that trained Tony Robbins in firewalking. I probably won't get you walking over hot coals in our sessions though - I save those tools for my big empowerment programmes.

Ready for a life less ordinary? I'm the pink-haired, full of energy, lady-loving coach you need.

Did I mention fun? Good coaching can be. Beware, though - I'm not 'fluffy'. It's not about fluff - it's about results!

Things I like…

Making a positive difference. Honestly - there's nothing that fills me up more than helping someone to understand just how much awesome potential they have.

I also love to travel and explore new places. Drop me into ancient Greece, or take me to a prehistoric site like Avebury and I'm as happy as a hippy in a pachouli factory ;).

I also love a good book, writing and presenting; getting onto that stage gives me the potential to positively impact hundreds of people at once - there's no better feeling.

Incidentally, have you ever wondered why optimism can be so good for our health, business and lifestyle? Check out my latest TEDx talk here.

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  • I recently heard Taz 4Sight @ Lakeside Lunch, Essex. This was the 3rd time I have heard Taz speak live, every time she hasn't disappointed, each & every time I've taken something different away. Its fair to say she is AWESOME
  • I had heard Taz 4Sight and asked to do it again this time at the only 4N on a boat. Taz being Taz did not disappoint. The boat was rocking, as was Taz in all her awesomeness. She even does a wicked impression of me!! Highly recommend Taz, she knows her stuff!!
  • Taz gave a 4Sight today at the Northampton group, what she shared with us was not just as always very entertaining, but also very powerful and very inspiring indeed, must buy a one of your books next time we meet up, thank you for your time and effort much appreciated.
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What I do

  • 1-2-1 business / personal coaching 
  • Extreme empowerment specialist / Firewalker
  • Group coaching and team building
  • Best selling author
  • Motivational speaking and speaker training

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