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  • Karen has proved an excellent coach with her clarity cards system. A system that really gets to the nitty gritty of an issue or forthcoming anxiety. Karen has provided me with belief & anchors to get the most out of 4 sighting. If you need some clarity in your business please see Karen.
  • Great 4site today! Karen demonstrated - walking your timeline with us. We all chose a goal that we would like to achieve by the end of March and then stuck it to the wall at the end of our time line... I won’t spoil the rest... I’m feeling really fired up and focused on hitting it! Thank you KC
  • The foresight that Karen presented at the Maidstone meeting was insightful, interactive and fun. It's always good to be challenged and re-focused. Karen's presentation style is warm and knowledgeable, I would recommend her talk to other groups.

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  • Business Coaching and Consultancy
  • Training

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Last online 22nd Jan 2020
Member since 6th Jul 2010
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Meetings attended 405
4N ranking 310 in the UK

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