What I Offer…

I work with business people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and who are permanently worn out by it all!

Are you:

  • in pain?
  • embarassed about digestive issues such as IBS?
  • feeling permanently stressed or anxious?
  • constantly fatigued and shattered getting through your day?
  • having allergies or food intolerances happening more and more?
  • struggling to shift that weight you have gained?

I help business people like yourselves feel healthy and energetic again, enabling you to put more into your business, with focus, concentration, and overall performance.

I offer a clear alternative to taking medications, educating and guiding you in natural approaches which will bring your body naturally back into balance you are looking for.

If the signposts of poor health are nudging you to make changes, but you just don’t know where to start on that journey, 
then it might naturally be time to make your first destination a session with myself.

Passport to change, where the destination is always naturally good health.

I am a regular natural health expert on TNS radio, MP3's of my interviews are available on my website, and I recently won Nigel Botterils Entrepreneur of the Month for both December in Surrey, and Nationally in February!

What some of my clients say:

"Thank you for the homeopathic drops. I have been taking them as instructed, and the milk thistle, and doing the tapping (when I remember!) and am feeling much better. The vertigo and nausea have completely cleared up now. C Baxter

"I was blown away by the stuff on Monday. Utterly fascinating. Without question the most interesting, stimulating and though provoking couple of hours I've spent in a long while :-) "

A Baker Hertfordshire

"Thank you for all your advice and support on the fertility front; it really has been greatly appreciated."
J Morris Kingston upon Thames (now with a baby!)

Why I’m good at what I do…

Qualifications include:
BA (Hons)
Adv Dip NHF Naturopathic Nutrition
EFT Level 1
Psych K Basic and Advanced
NLP Practitioner
Theta Healing Basic and Advanced
Asyra Health Screening Practitioner
Executive Coach

Myself and Frostdog1 (FD1) my lurcher can be found either curled up in front of a nice fire together comtemplating life, going for a ridiculously slow jog in the morning or walking the North Downs most afternoons. I spend too much time reading about nutritional research, which I love, and not enough time writing my book. I absolutely love what I do and live it completely.

I work at making my life totally sustainable, which means that growing my own is a big part of what I do, anyone who does it never wants to go back to shop bought food. I live a naturopathic lifestyle, and I'm vegan, don't let that put you off if you are reading this as a potential client, I have lots of clients who continue eating meat! I've been vegan for about 10 years now, and predominantly raw food vegan for that period of time as well, which means if you are looking for someone with experience around these types of diets, I have plenty!

Previously a HR Business Partner for Royal Mail, and an occasional freelance HR Redeployment and Career Transition Specialist within the private and public sector, helping create programmes of support with reorganisations. I understand how being off sick costs the bottom line, impacts on KPI's and has a wider demotivating effect. I understand how much good health matters for business performance in the long term. When you come to me you get someone who has managed their own health issues in a very busy and demanding corporate job, and now does the same in their practise, I do common sense nutrition and health advice, which is easy and simple to implement, and as my clients find out, also works. 




Member Testimonials

  • I decided to seek Debbie’s help as I wanted more energy for work. I was sceptical & wasn’t sure what a Naturopathic Nutritionist could achieve. Well - I no longer have the 4pm dip, I can actually utilise my evenings and I feel so much healthier. I would highly recommend Debbie.
  • Within a few weeks of seeing Debbie, my energy levels were more as they were 10 years ago. She has subsequentually and systematically worked through my various health issues and the difference has been astonishing. Debbie knows her subject inside out and unlike many she really listens to you.
  • Debbie Walkers natural approach to fixing what the Doctors normally have ago at, was as easy as 1-2-3. My skin complaint has cleared up and I feel a million dollars again, highly recommended and not a pharmaceutical insight!

What I do

  • Naturopathy
  • Nutrition

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