What I Offer…

Hello. I am a Professional Organiser and my business is called Space Creator. In an office or a home environment so much space is wasted when we keep 'stuff' that we don't use or need. I am expert at helping people achieve the freedom from a clutter free environment clutter in the physical space but also in your mind because you know you could have a better space. Once you clear your space you are happier, work better and the nagging in your head stops. I offer 4N businesses a free 30 minute assessment to see how your business could benefit from my advice.

Why I’m good at what I do…

I am a great organiser. Why? Because I have learned how to ask the right questions and see through the chaos to the potential. All my life I have organised for friends and family and now I do it as a business. I have a nursing background and I know how to support people to make changes. There is a science behind what I do and it works.

Things I like…

Organising (clearly)! Honesty. Connecting with like minded people. Challenging myself to be better and better. Going outside my comfort zone.

What I do

  • Professional Organiser

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