What I Offer…

Mr PINK offers the opportunity to apply savings, simplicity and award winning services for residential & business utilities,

Why I’m good at what I do…

Mr Pink is a well known and trusted 4N Regional Leader within Essex, with a credible background in scientific academic departments and the world of pharmaceuticals. My forte is providing a friendly assessment of current utility provisions, identifying benefits to potentially new UW customers.

Things I like…

I have a passion for fly fishing, fine wines and culinary experimentation.

Member Testimonials

  • The very well known "Mr. Pink" is an exceptional part of 4Networking's National Leadership Team. His work on behalf of our members in Essex and Suffolk make him a value to every 4N Member!
  • Thank you Chris for introducing me to 4N last year and now for welcoming me on to the 4N Team. Chris is one of a kind, he's approachable, knowledgeable and has a lot of experience both in business and life. He genuinely cares and always takes the time to give invaluable advice when you need it.
  • Chris was easily my first port of call when moving into my new home. Sorted out all my services, without hesitation and no pressure. Simple and delivered as promised, just need to make more use of the cashback card! Highly recommend Chris, as he gets to know you and your circumstances, its personal!
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What I do

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My Stats

Last online 7th May 2020
Member since 8th Oct 2010
Number of testimonials 52
Meetings attended 1381
4N ranking 11 in the UK

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