What I Offer…

I am the LinkedIn Unlocker and work with business owners to transform profiles to become magnetic attracting the best and repelling the rest.
💡 My expertise becomes your resource to attract and convert increasing inbound enquiries into sales and repeat customers.
💡 Marketing Advice on Social Media and Digital Marketing comes as standard using my twenty years in top ten European Ad Agencies.
💡 Work with a range of clients from small business owners to agenicies and corprorates

Hot Buttons and Solutions

► Need to create a professional profile that positions you as the expert, as the category of one and go to person without spending money on a premium account?
► Want a Done with you Service that gets you business?
► Attract the right people to your profile and turn curiosity to connection to conversation to loyal repeat customer
► Find new customers without complicated and expensive ad campaigns?
► Spend more time earning money than chasing it, have a better balance of clients?
► Using techniques I deliver to clients get to choose your customers rather than having to say YES to everyone who wants to work with you
► Truly be self Deployed and not self employed


How do I deliver this?

➡️ LinkedIn Surgery ► 90 mims over Zoom, recorded and sent to you along with a summary sheet and cheat sheet. We cover all aspects of your profile with a Triage call to work out pain points and an Out patients session to make sure that you are taking your Linkedin medicine
➡️ Done With You service to make sure you are finding saving and contacting the right prospects - I only work with people who want to put effort in themselves . Regular contact calls and hassling from me are part of this deal. if you don't like accountability then don't ask me about this service.
My time, your business, our success. if it sounds too easy then it is, this is not a half hour a day job, its an hour, get used to the thought.

Why I’m good at what I do…

Experience that counts

💡 25 years in the Ad industry working as Head of knowledge Departments for top ten British and European Agencies.
Practical B2B, Back to Basics Branding and marketing know how, I have not just been fired as a landscape gardener and found my calling. ☺

➡️ Nearly a decade of being good at LinkedIn, recognised as being in the top global 100 Linkedin Experts.

➡️ Not a trainer, an Unlocker of LinkedIn and marketing delivering learning and expertise that surpasses teaching, I work with you to to build your brand, footprint and business.

Things I like…


Love photography and getting better at it one picture at a time.

Social Media fascinates me and know that so many people get it wrong so love being able to see the moment when the penny drops.

Cycling is becoming a bit of a passion as I've reached that age where the body says maybe and the knees no when it comes to trying to run.
Living what I call my 60:40:20 lifestyle

Can't stop being 60 but can strive to be as fit as I was at 40 and think as creatively and dangerously as I did at 20.
I can report that it's working.

Member Testimonials

  • I have known the straight talking no bull Angus Grady for long enough to recognise the integrity, experience and wealth of knowledge he possesses. From LinkedIn to marketing via alcohol based challenges well worth investing your time in his services.
  • Had a great session with Angus as we were both at Bicester 4N. I've never really 'got' Linked-Great use of mybefore but ngus helpe me to see where I was missing out by not focussing on the right areas. It's taken me a few day to write this testimonial as I was so keen to implement all the changes.
  • Angus gave an absolutely brilliant 4sight and it is a message we should all hear and heed. It was real, on point and you learnt so much about tenacity,bravery and from his honesty understand how consequences of our actions impacts on our loved ones. Thank you. Marvelle
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What I do

  • Linkedin / Business Social Media
  • Business Development
  • Social Solving
  • Business Intelligence
  • LinkedUp marketing

My Stats

Last online 26th Jan 2020
Member since 13th Jan 2011
Number of testimonials 14
Meetings attended 335
4N ranking 503 in the UK

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