What I Offer…

We are a telecomunications business providing a large range of telecommunications products and services - and we also give free advice, yes genuine no obligation stuff - 'what goes around comes around'.

We can install, maintain, repair or move telephone systems, we also can install telephone lines and broadband as well as all the cables you'll need to plug your telephones and laptop's into. If you are confused by your bill - email me a copy and I'll try and decipher it for you.

We are also able to provide quotes for business mobiles (3 users and upwards) and can also offer free advice here so that you'll avoid wasting hour's and hour's working out what deal best suits your business (as opposed to what deal gives your service provider the best return)

Obviously we have a 'name' to live up to so if you do need help or advice let me know !

Why I’m good at what I do…


Oh hell..just turned 50....that's not even middle aged is it? I mean how many 100 year olds are out there ?

I've been in telecoms for the last 10 years now and have extensive knowledge of all things in this sector - systems/mobiles/cabling/broadband/calls/lines....

The job can get very technical so luckily I am a bit of a geek in that respect....

I am though very interested in science....am very surprised it's taken them so long to find the higgs boson....I've been colliding hadrons in my spare room for the last 2 years and stephen hawking often pops round for a chat and a cup of tea...(with a straw)

Member Testimonials

  • I have been meaning to write this for a little while; Colin delivered a highly entertaining and amusing 4Sight to Bedford Evening recently... Members were a little bemused at times - in a good way and it has by far been the funniest, yet still informative 4Sight I have seen!!! Highly recommended.
  • Colin can always be trusted to work in his clients best interest. If you are looking for someone that works hard to find your business the correct solution and at the same time, maximising the savings for your telecoms, Colin is probably one of the best you can find. Highly recommended.
  • I sat and watched Colin perform in front of a room full of buisness folk last week and I must say that he is highly entertaining !!!! However what was brilliant was the fact that, while he had us in stitches, he delivered a very informative presentation on the ins and outs of telephone systems.

What I do

  • Business Telephone systems
  • Structured Cabling Installers
  • Business Mobile Phones
  • Broadband providers
  • Telephone Lines and installation

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Last online 15th Jan 2020
Member since 9th Mar 2011
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4N ranking 1172 in the UK