What I Offer…

Improving cashflow requires a professional and skilled approach to credit management if it is to truly deliver consistently cost effective results; skill that requires considerable and costly in-house resources if it is to be truly effective.

Using our specialist skills you can improve your cashflow, improve your cash reserves, lower borrowing and strengthen your balance sheet in a far more cost effective way.

Skilled and intelligent credit management also allows your business to sustain growth and activity and enhances the trading ability of your business as a direct result of a stronger balance sheet. This will inevitably give you greater access to credit and more favourable terms from your creditors. Additionally, by reducing your borrowing requirements your business will pay less in interest.

We can undertake your credit control in a friendly and personal but professional manner, by improving relationships with your customers and clients to a point that your invoices are paid promptly.

Your relationships with your customers are as important to us as they are to you and are fundamental to our success. Your customers need never know we are partners; we work together every step of the way.

Key to our success with clients is the application of our unique Ledger Optimisation Process which adds a new dimension to our credit management operations and puts us firmly ahead of our competitors.

Why I’m good at what I do…

Having worked in the outsourced credit management arena for 10 years and credit control/management for over 20 I have gained a wealth of experience and expertise in influencing customer payment behaviour.

I have managed teams of 20+ in the corporate arena with sole responsibility of ledgers of circ £200m. Working with some major 'Blue chip' companies such as Walt Disney, Warner Bros, Cisco, Technicolor, Renault but to name a few.

Providing a full outsourced credit control service, reducing bad debts, significantly increasing cashflow, implementing credit policies including customer qualification for my clients. 

I love going to the gym and F1 Grand Prix.


What I do

  • Debt Mangement
  • Outsourced credit control
  • Increase business cashflow
  • Significantly reduce bad debt

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