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I’ve been giving financial advice professionally for over 30 years and my clients delight me by confirming again and again how surprised they have been that their savings and investments have held up so well. Most recently one client retired with profuse thanks saying that his ability to retire early was down to the financial advice he took from me across the recent financially troubled years.

Since the turn of the millennium some 11 years ago we have seen the most volatile and risk strewn pattern of financial events that have rocked our sense of trust and confidence and left many not knowing what to do with their savings, whether to trust anything or anyone with their money, pension funds or portfolios and with the ground pulled from under their feet. 

In 2010 I decided to step aside and step out from all this and disassociate myself from the financial services world and become an educator, a teacher, a mentor sharing my knowledge and inviting you to draw on my extensive experience by either taking one of my money awareness courses or allowing me to become Your Financial Friend, your representative in the world of finance.

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