What I Offer…

Are you tired of waiting for an Electrician to get back or even turn up?
Are you looking for someone who does small jobs (as well as bigger ones)?
Are you looking for someone reasonably priced but who has the experience?

Who am I to say that I meet any of these criteria? That would be ego! 💪🥇
My Google reviews seem to be working out pretty well for me.

I'm the one who started in the Car Industry and covers Domestic, Commercial and Industrial work.
The list of services can be seen on my web site. It's a cute little site, so take a look. Go on. I dare you 😁

The Electrician on a Mission in Leeds.


P.S. You never know when you might need an Electrician (even if you have one already), so take my number down just in case. Store under "Simon, the Ginger Electrician"

Why I’m good at what I do…

Ask me anything and you'll soon see that I'm a bloody legend 🕺

Still not convinced? Check out my eBooks and Downloads

STILL not convinced? (Wow you're a tough one to crack!) ...

Check out HERE why I teach other Electricians UK wide how to run their Business

I just love what I do and love the challenge of impressing and pleasing you all ❤️🥇

Things I like…

Running nut. If you are too then say hi ... 🏃‍♂️

Food ... bloody love the stuff. Mmm i'm feeling hungry just writing this 🍽

Travel - isn't it great to just "Do One" every now and then?

Nice people that aren't salesy ... If you are one then Helloooo drop me a message.
(But if you are salesy then bugger off please) 😉

What I do

  • Installs/Replacements
  • PAT Testing
  • EICRs & more.

My Stats

Last online 7th Jan 2020
Member since 13th Jul 2011
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Meetings attended 21
4N ranking 68867 in the UK