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Visibility + Credibility = Profitability

Before you mentally list off all the reasons why video won’t work for your small business, let me tell you why it will.

  1. As a small business, you can use video to engage your customers and make more personal connections.
  2. While your competitors are trying to sell with text on their barely functional Web site, you establish yourself as a company who gets it.
  3. Using video allows you to speak directly to your customers telling them why you’re the best at what you do and how you can help them.
  4. People buy from people and video creates a psychological link between you and the viewer.

How do you use video for your company? Create informative How To content and video tutorials that you can market to help you get links and visibility. For example, if you run a local plumbing business by simply creating videos explaining how to do all the simple jobs like replacing a washer, bleeding a radiator or even the best way to lag your pipes for winter, etc. Take all the questions you get from customers every day and turn the answers into video content for your Web site. It’s a powerful differentiator that will set you apart and make you even more useful to your customers.

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