What I Offer…

Low cost, high value discussion groups called Breathing Spaces.

These run monthly and every session is themed around the Business Enjoyment model.

Every stage contains a combination of business and personal development and, ultimately, it's about understanding ourselves better, which allows us to run our businesses better. All of this runs under the concept that success in business is around much more than how much money we make.

There is even a free Online version so, wherever you are in the country, you can become part of the community that is dedicated to getting the best out of their businesses.

Why I’m good at what I do…

I spent nearly 17 years as an insolvency practitioner for KPMG, which essentially involved me running businesses in just about every industry you can imagine.

As I got into personal development I got retrained as a coach and my initial niche was around helping business owners deal with the emotional stress of a failing business. That got me much more into the psychological arena and I became trained in a number of therapeutic techniques on top of the coaching and business skills.

As a result, I have a really unique blend of business and personal development skills with a wide range of tools, meaning that I can bring so many different elements to any situation.

Ultimately, I am on a mission and that is to change the conversation so that success in business is measured by more than just money.

Imagine if the FT Index ranked businesses, not just on sales and profits, but took into account other elements such as the difference they make in the world, the camaraderie of the workforce and the satisfaction and value delivered to their clients.

Business would be much more enjoyable if these sort of things were taken into consideration.

Things I like…

A good breakfast - even those with Yorkshire puddings !!

Seeing people discover where they 'fit' in life and business.

Ultimately, I want you to enjoy your business so much, it makes your bits tingle.

Member Testimonials

  • I recently attended one of Andrew's Breathing Space meetings and found thoroughly informative. I would highly recommend everyone to try one of these courses. Thank you Andrew for inviting me along. 😀
  • Andrew has a wonderfully warm and engaging style to his coaching. He really takes the time to find out where people are before deciding how to help them see the next step. He is a great listener, really taking on board what matters and provides a different way to change old & limiting patterns
  • The How workshop/meetings that Andrew is now running is proactive and has helped me to focus more on what matters in my business and get back to the original ideas I had. Looking forward to the next one!
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What I do

  • Show you how to make your 'bits' tingle
  • Help people Find their Purpose
  • Inner Confidence
  • Help people Find their Tribe
  • Help people Feel Safe: financially; physically and

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