What I Offer…

1-2-1 training and group sessions.

Ask me about Love Sales Hate Selling the new programme that I launched last year.

Why I’m good at what I do…

Because I believe in the power of you!

You have the ability in life to be the best you can be, my training is designed to bring the best out of you by helping you gain the skills, knowledge and strategies to improve your sales confidence and propel your revenues forward.

Ask me about Love Sales Hate Selling, or just join the facebook page or group.

Things I like…
  • Music
  • reading
  • learning
  • people
  • partying although I am getting rather old and stiff now.

Being a dementia friend champion, ask me about how I can deliver a dementia friends session at your place of business.

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What I do

  • Sales confidence training for business owners who don't like using the phone
  • or individuals looking to become better at selling
  • Marketing & Sales

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Last online 2nd Feb 2020
Member since 10th Nov 2011
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Meetings attended 248
4N ranking 39 in the UK

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