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Why Choose spotless Business Consultancy?


Sometimes in business or in your career you need support, sometimes you are just struggling to know which move to make next or if you need to move in a completely different direction.


We all face financial struggles, staffing issues and much more that can have a detrimental effect on a business and our plans to take it to the next level. However, this does not mean failure, it simply means you need to adapt to the new climate that you are facing, and this is where spotless business consultancy come in.

Darren and Kelly have over 40 years of combined knowledge in both the corporate world of business, to starting their own successful business empire and growing it to a turnover of nearly quarter of a million in just five years.


This growth was done without any financial backing or support from any sources, and so they have the experience to help anyone from any sector with any budget. They have designed one to one business coaching or shared workshops where you can learn their secrets to success and implement them into your own business. They will work with you in the short term, at a one-off workshop or on an ongoing basis, but where they are truly unique is that their service combines consultancy and coaching.


Coaching enables you to really get to the source of where the issues in your business lie and help uncover things that may be blocking your path that you were not even aware of. The consultancy then takes this a step further by offering you real, tangible solutions for these problems, meaning you really do benefit from the best of both worlds but with the added bonus of only having to pay for one.


Contact us today to see where we can help you and take your business to a whole new level.


Why I’m good at what I do…

Darren's roots come firmly from a retail background, having worked his way up from a mere teenage trolly collector to his final post as an area manager , all whilst coping with undiagnosed condition of dyslexia. 
With ambition ,drive and complete hard work, Darren started the initial company 'spotless spaces' just seven years ago with a bag of leaflets, enthusiasm and an unrivalled belief in great customer services. 

Alongside all of this, Darren has also attended many schools and universities in the South West, and carried out engaging assembly talks, and inspiring one-to-one mentoring with students of all ages. Over the past 7 years, Darren has spoken to over 50,000 students and given them the confidence they need when starting out in the work-place.


Member Testimonials

  • I referred Darren & the Spotless Spaces team in to a large client to take over their commercial cleaning. Darren has done an impeccable job which not only enhances his reputation, but it has also enhanced mine - by referring such a reliable person, it has built added trust with my client.
  • I asked Darren to provide a quote for a thorough clean of my flat, after moving out & before renting to tenants. Darren was engaging, professional, & helpful in all dealings. He provided a team that worked diligently, to achieve the results desired / expected in the time he'd (accurately) estimated.
  • I love Darren. He's one of life's good guys. He has an amazing reputation around 4N groups in Bristol, the minute he tells me he's coming to Somerset, he's got my business.

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  • Business Advice Coaching and Training

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