What I Offer…

I provide a free review of exisitng billing costs and contract status which often leads to a cost reduction of between 10% and 30%.

I will solve disputes with suppliers; challenge backdated bills and negotiate an agreement. For one client I had an entire invoice for £6,000 written off by the supplier.

Moving premises causes so many energy billing problems. Let me manage the process and avoid the pitfalls.

Over 10% of water bills are incorrect. I will check to see if a water bill should be challenged. I can arrange competitive water contracts as well ( but not in Wales ). Businesses who use water in their processes or occupy a number of sites should consider new contracts.

Why I’m good at what I do…

For 30 years I worked for a major clearing bank in London. I left to help run a family company which we then sold.

I worked as a business consultant for 10 years helping businesses improve their performance.and working as a finance director from time to time.

For over 10 years now I have used that experience to help my clients make the right decisions to mange their utility costs.

I always endevour to give best advice and normally I will never add to my clients costs. Almost everything I do puts profit back onto thier bottom line.

Things I like…

The Welsh Rugby Team winning again and again

Being on the beaches in West Wales with my grandchildren

Walking hand in hand with my wife

Member Testimonials

  • I have used Andrew's services on numerous occasions and am very pleased with the savings he has made for our business. This has not only been achieved by finding the best prices at the time of renewal, but also negotiating with the current supplier when they have incorrectly invoiced us.
  • Andrew delivers FACT! He just got involved in the electricity for a new project for me and got us moved off a temporary tariff with an expensive supplier to a mid-term contract that will save us getting on for 20% of our electricity bill over the next couple of years. An absolute gentleman.
  • Andrew is a genuine person, happy to help others and give advice where possible. Andrew has introduced me to some extremely useful contacts in South Wales and will also listen to individual needs to find solutions. It is well worth talking to Andrew to see how he can help you and your business.

What I do

  • Energy cost reduction
  • Business utilities cost reduction

My Stats

Last online 17th Jan 2020
Member since 28th May 2012
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4N ranking 510 in the UK