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At Helvetica Capital, we are experts in creating sustainable shareholder value.

Established as a company that will support the growth and development of asset-backed investments across the real estate, leisure, hospitality, housing and land sectors, our strategy is to provide predictable, stable and long-term returns to our stakeholders.

Our team is trusted to serve and ensure a transparent, as well as well-balanced, portfolio of assets under management. We place a high value and appreciation on capital preservation whereby we consistently exceed the expectations of our clients through the diversification of traditional portfolios as well as mainstream asset classes.

Our knowledge is second to none with high-profile industry experts on hand, each bringing a unique depth of knowledge and experience to the business. We have a management team who hold a clear vision of the company’s future success, having already secured several large financial pledges from institutional investors. We are now launching a new product targeted at a select number of high net-worth individuals and other investor categories. Our restricted bond offer will provide a secure yield, exceeding the returns that are typically available from traditional bank saving and investment products.

Why I’m good at what I do…

I am an experienced financial consultant who has spent over a decade servicing a range of businesses and clients through my consultancy practice. My individual successes, aside from owning my own consultancy business, range from creating and retailing an e-commerce product to helping numerous other entrepreneurs set up their own businesses. I also share my experiences to inspire and coach others as a motivational speaker.

Over the years, I have having shown myself able to design and develop a range of innovative business systems that work with simple processes to solve complex problems. Further to that, I consistently demonstrated the ability to boost the success of organizational operations and increase the control that management teams have.

My personal qualities allow me to be personable and flexible enough to be able to adapt to each individual business I works alongside and mean I can communicate across all levels of an organization. Most recently, I was appointed as Finance Director for Helvetica Capital in 2019 and currently thrive in this environment due to the fast-moving, performance-based as well as goal-orientated atmosphere that is being created.

If you would like to hear more about my experience, current situation or to discuss any other business-related matter then please, feel free to get in touch and I look forward to speaking with you.

Member Testimonials

  • I've been an Excel user since Window 3.1 but Robin found three different ways to massively speed up using my main spreadsheet and another two ways of stopping artifical errors creep in and prevent it being broken. If you use remotely complicated spreadsheets you need to consult him.
  • Having used Robin now on 2 projects, I can honestly say he is my first and last stop for anything excel related, which turns is a lot more often than I thought. He is worth talking to even if its just his checking service, minor mistakes make a big impact especially in my business.

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