What I Offer…

At Magikos IT we aim to make the whole process of buying IT goods and services as straight forward as possible.  After many years of experience with large corporate IT companies and public sector organisations we can make use of the money saving techniques and skills gained to ensure you can rely on Magikos ITand the service we can provide.  Magikos IT ensures that we understand what it is you are trying to achieve by taking the time to speak with you in ordinary language everyone can understand.  Here at Magikos IT we do not feel the need to baffle or confuse our customers with terminology or acronyms when its better to identify what is it the customer wants and then have the trust and assurance from us that it will just get delivered, on-time and to budget.

Some of the services we can provide include:

  • Backup and Recovery
  • Business Email
  • Cloud Hosted Services; File Storage & Archiving, Websites, CRM, Helpdesk Ticketing Systems, CMS Hosting, Collaboration and Communication
  • Web Site Design and Hosting
  • IT Support - both onsite and remote
  • Web Page and Site Monitoring
  • Professional IT Services; IT Project Management, Disaster Recovery Planning, Business Continuity Services, Systems Administration

For a full list of services visit our website at http://www.magikos.co.uk or give us a call on 0843 289 2272

Member Testimonials

  • Tony has just sorted my wife's laptop - given it a new life after it was as dead as a parrot. Many thanks for doing such a thorough job on it. Plus he's your man on computer virus/hacking protection - Tony really knows his stuff. I thoroughly recommend him
  • When you think about IT, most people yawn.....NOT in this case. Tony delivered a very useful 4Sight, and one which I found very interesting. He demonstrates how professional he is, his knowledge and expertise. If you have any kind of issue in IT CALL HIM! Thanks Tony!
  • Tony's 4Sight made the baffling subject of internet security seem straightforward. With the use of a cake tin, sticky yape and bits of paper it all came clear! A great presenter.
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What I do

  • Information Technology
  • IT Onsite and Remote Support
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Web Application Coding and Hosting
  • Project Management and Business Continuity

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Last online 22nd Oct 2018
Member since 1st Nov 2012
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