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I sell race night DVDs and tickets

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  • Gavin is a great chap and a real pleasure to work with. I'd also like to extend a thank you to for creating the opportunity for me to see a snippet of one of my poems on Channel 4's One Born Every Minute. It was a real privilege to write for you and your wife at such a special time in your lives.
  • You would be Mad not to Take a booking from Gavin for a 4Sight. Not your run of the mill, 4sight at Bedford April 11th a day and a 4sight that will stick with me for ever. Gavin is a giver not a taker.
  • I've seen a shitload of bad 4sights, in fact it was one of my reasons for getting stuck in and doin em myself, couldn't listen to anymore 10 tax tips, why you need a will or any guff. yours is the first 4sight I've genuinely listened to and loved - and i mean that, and I'm a critic and then some!

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  • Events fundraising

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Last online 5th Apr 2018
Member since 24th Jun 2013
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